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Covid 19 Coronavirus is a Global Pandemic Crisis

We have long made it our mission to provide safe, quality entertainment for our guests offering an experience that is second to none. With that being our shared goal, it is impossible for us to ignore the possible impact facing our guests that are traveling long distances to spend time with friends from all around the globe.

Many of our guests make extensive commutes on long flights, with significant layover times in various cities around the world. Some attendees come from remote places in developing nations. Places that have not been touched by the Covid-19 Coronavirus. We do not know the level of health care they have in developing nations, and could easily spread it to regions that are untouched by this virus, spreading the pandemic.

If you are holding a reservation for that event you are lucky, because we are going to bring the highest level of Entertainment to March 2021 that we have ever done. This has been hard on everyone, and this is been an especially hard week on those that would have been there at Hedonism II right now. Everyone world wide is being affected by this.

Fortunately, for the safety of our guests we had made the right call early as the US, Canada, and EU have shut their borders, and now with Jamaica putting a 14-day isolation period upon arrival into the country.

If you have reservations for March 20-27, 2021 you will see our Greatest March YSW yet.

If you need us to sell your room, please reply off of the Hedonism II Travel Waiver, and put “SELL MY ROOM” in the subject line. Once things calm down, we will sell your room and get you reimbursed for it. March 2020 was sold out five months in advance and had over 100 people on the waiting list, so we know the rooms will sell.


Cancellation of the July 25 to August 1, 2020 Events

Cancellation of the September 26 to October 3, 2020 Events

Cancellation of the November 14 to 21, 2020 Events

We were bringing in a new line of events, entertainment and brands that were going to be top level at Hedonism II. However, we cannot keep a schedule of DJs, Entertainers, MCs, Speakers, Sponsors and Vendors in such an unpredictable and unprecedented as the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Top doctors, countries, and large-scale companies are even having a hard time contending with this situation and the ever-changing timeline. Businesses are closing and flights are being disrupted. There is no way for us to bring the level of entertainment as advertised.

If you had a brand new reservation for the July 25 to August 1, 2020 event, the September 26 to October 3, 2020 event, or the November 14 to 21, 2020 event we will be refunding the reservations. Please wait for the refund to come through. Please do not contact your credit card company as we are working through a long line of refunds on this. You will be refunded, so please have patience with us while we work through the process.

If you had a resort credit, or transferred a resevervation from an earlier month, you will be be issued a Hedonism II Travel Waiver, which is valid until December 2021.

Hedonism II will reopen and be ready for business as soon as the government travel bans are lifted. You may rebook directly with the resort when that day happens.

We truly care about Hedonism II and all of their fantastic staff who are our good friends.

Please support Hedonism II by booking directly with the resort if you want to attend this year.

We look forward to seeing everyone in 2021 at our second home Hedonism II. One Love!

Read this Important Notice:

Hedonism II Resort in Negril, Jamaica Official Statement Dated March 10, 2020.

The following is our official statement regarding the Coronavirus.

For nearly 40 years, we have placed the health and safety of our guests and staff as a top priority. In recent weeks, we have strengthened protocols further to be prepared to recognize and handle any concerns surrounding Coronavirus. Our initiatives include, but are not limited to more frequent disinfecting of high traffic areas and guest rooms and providing sanitizing stations throughout the resort. We have also enhanced our protocols and staff training to ensure that we are prepared to do everything possible to both prevent risk and immediately react to on-property guest, or staff, concerns of COVID-19 virus.

Hedonism II offers an exclusive "Cancel For Any Reason" waiver and we strongly encourage guests to purchase this or other trip protection options so you may book with confidence. As a show of good faith and without prejudice, until May 31, we will allow guests to purchase our Cancel for Any Reason waiver up to 7 days prior to arrival. Confirmed bookings, whether individual or members of a group, must contact our reservations department to add the waiver at a cost of $25 per person. Travel partners may request the waiver as well on behalf of your clients.

All tourism and economic activities are operating; many with enhanced precautions to protect our residents and visitors. Ports, airports, and motorways are open and operational, as are all public spaces, restaurants and attractions in and around our hotels.

We are monitoring and will continue to follow the guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization and are working with local authorities to ensure we have the latest information so we can be prepared as needed and communicate clearly and efficiently with you on an ongoing basis.

Travelers should also monitor the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization's websites for the latest updates.

We thank you for your continued loyalty and look forward to welcoming you home to Hedonism II.

End of Hedonism II Official Statement.

Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica